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12 Things That Look Less Impressive the Older You Get

Happy Monday Apexians!

The older I get, the more I’m impressed by what you can’t see. Stuff is just stuff, but the freedom of choice (which doesn’t look like a specific thing) is the pinnacle of luxury.

12 Things That Look Less Impressive the Older You Get [No Sidebar] – “As we age and gain more experience (and hopefully wisdom), our values and perceptions often shift. What once seemed important and impressive can lose its luster, as we begin to value different things. The quote, “I used to admire people with luxuries. Now I admire people with inner peace,” perfectly captures this sentiment.”

This Is Your Stressed-Out Brain On Scarcity [NPR] – “Scientists have long recognized that poverty can aggravate health problems. Now they’re also beginning to understand that the stress of too little income actually changes the way people think.” This makes a lot of sense, especially if you’ve ever tried fasting. When you’re hungry, everything becomes about food. When you are short on money, everything becomes about money and the long term stuff gets put off.

This next one is a 20-minute short film that I stumbled upon only recently. Titled The Neighbor’s Window, it won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short film in 2020 and has a bit of adult content in the beginning (a bit of sex) but well worth the 20 minute investment. (kind of ties into the first post a little bit)