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The first boycott.

Good morning and welcome to Monday, Apexians. I hope your weekend was more of a weekend than my weekend!

You see, Kim and I just put our home on the market. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, our real-estate agent hosted eight hours of open houses and there were eight showings from other agents. We (and the dog) had to be out of the house for all of that. We’re exhausted.

But, if all went well, sometime this morning we’ll find out that there are multiple offers on the place. Fingers crossed!

Let’s start Apex Money this week with a story that’s not about real estate but about my favorite musician (and businessperson), Taylor Swift.

Non-fungible Taylor Swift. [Stratchery] — “While we used to pay for plastic discs and thought we were paying for songs (or newspapers/writing or cable/TV stars), empowering distribution over creators, today we pay with both money and attention according to the direction of creators, giving them power over everyone.” This is a fascinating piece that pulls together a lot of threads.

The first boycott. [Now I Know] — “Because of the landlord’s complaint and the resultant overreaction, news of the events spread throughout Ireland, and other tenants replicated the tactic. But until then, the tactic didn’t have a name. Today, we have a word: boycott.” Again, fascinating stuff. (And this reminds me: Why do we talk about “cancel culture” when canceling is, essentially, boycotting? This is a serious question that I don’t know the answer to.)

“How I lost 65 pounds in 18 months without any fad diets or gimmicks.” [Both Sides of the Table] — “I promise you that throughout I continued occasionally to eat ice cream, licorice, pizza, pita, hummus, sushi, bagels, granola — whatever I like. But I measure everything and hold myself accountable.” Smart, sensible advice that mirrors my own experience with weight loss.

Let’s finish the day with a video that I find hilarious. From Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update”, here’s a five-minute interview with the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

No kidding: I was in tears laughing from this. So funny.

And that’s it for Monday! I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then.