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Adventures in mobile homes.

Good morning, money nerds, and welcome to another Tuesday. As always, we’ve gathered together some of our favorite stories about money — and more! Let’s dive in.

How to invest in mobile homes. [Side Hustle Nation] — “When most people think of real estate investing, mobile homes probably don’t come to mind. In fact, technically speaking, mobile homes are personal property–not real estate. Still, this is a sub-niche in real estate that comes with the familiar cash-flowing opportunity of buying a building and renting it out for a profit.” This is something I’ve been thinking about, so it’s great to read about somebody who’s done it. [See also: Adventures in Mobile Homes.]

The sign of a great thinker. [Inc.] — “High-ability individuals tend to underrate their relative competence, and at the same time assume that tasks that are easy for them are just as easy for other people. The smarter you are, the less you think you know — because you realize just how much there is to actually know.”

The power of feedback. [Farnam Street] — “We all want to improve at something. Skills we’d like to develop, habits we like to change, relationships we’d like to improve—there are lots of areas where we’d love to see positive, meaningful change. Sometimes though, we don’t know how to keep moving forward…When you’re stuck, you need feedback.”

How salespeople use your mental shortcuts against you. [My Money Blog] — “We are more likely to fall back on these mental shortcuts without thinking when we are stressed, rushed, tired, or hungry. Hopefully, the ability to identify these tactics in action will help us avoid making poor decisions, including financial ones.”

Today’s video feature is a bit of nostalgia for me. You see, when I was young we didn’t have a television. My parents didn’t like them. Plus, they couldn’t afford one. But about the time I entered high school, they bought one. In the afternoons, I’d come home and watch re-runs of The Monkees. It was goofy fun.

Well, here’s a 20-minute video featuring screen tests for the kids who would become The Monkees. All of this seems so long ago…and yet just like yesterday.

Ah, youth. How I miss it. And I’ll miss you for the next 24 hours! But have no fear. I’ll be back tomorrow with more money stories from around the web. See you soon.