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The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets.

Today is Tuesday, and this is Apex Money.

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Speaking of buffets, let’s get started.

The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets. [The Hustle] — “Few things epitomize America more than the all-you-can-eat buffet. For a small fee, you’re granted unencumbered access to a wonderland of gluttony…But one has to wonder: How does an industry that encourages its customers to maximize consumption stay in business? To find out, we spoke with industry experts, chefs, and buffet owners. As it turns out, it’s harder to ‘beat’ the buffet than you might think.”

Most dietary supplements do nothing. So, why do Americans spend $35 billion a year on them? [The Washington Post] — “Every year, Americans spend something like $35 billion on vitamins, minerals, botanicals and various other substances that are touted as health-giving but mostly do nothing at all. Nothing at all! Could the entire category really just be a rip-off?”

A glossary of personal-finance terms. [Women Who Money] — “When you begin taking control of your money and reading about personal finance, you may come across terminology you aren’t familiar with. This can end up frustrating you or lead to mismanagement of your funds. And we certainly don’t want that! Below you’ll find a fairly comprehensive list of definitions to help you grasp numerous personal finance terms.”

How to future-proof your career in 2020 (and beyond). [Fast Company] — “Future-proofing one’s career doesn’t just mean studying STEM, learning to code, or becoming a data scientist (although, for people with the aptitude for STEM, that is a good place to start). In fact, surviving and thriving in the economy of the future may come down to many of the old-school tactics that helped guide my career a generation ago.”

Lastly, here’s a TWO-HOUR video that shows a time lapse of TEN YEARS of U.S. weather. No, I don’t expect anybody to watch all two hours, but it’s certainly fascinating to watch a minute or two. And then I had fun looking for specific weather events I remember from the past decade.

That’s all folks! We’ll be back tomorrow with more fun and games. See you then.