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Wealth is what you DON’T spend.

Good morning, money nerds, and welcome to another edition of Apex Money. That’s right: Jim and I are back with another collection of excellent articles from around the web.

I particularly enjoyed today’s stack of stuff. All four of these pieces is great. So good, in fact, that I didn’t include my typical “bonus” non-money story at the end of the post. I want you to dive into these stories, not get distracted by funny animals.

Why you should quit the news. [Mark Manson] — “The news doesn’t show that the vast majority of people are good. They will help if they can. They care even if they’re confused about how to care or why. The news doesn’t teach you that most people won’t hurt you and even if they do, you will recover and be fine and be stronger than before. But most of all, the news doesn’t teach you that moral outrage, while strangely satisfying, gives people a sense of accomplishing something without actually accomplishing anything.” Yes, yes, 1000x yes.

Wealth is what you don’t spend. [Collaborative Fund] — “Financial wellbeing can’t be measured by merely looking at how much you earn. The gap between what you earn and how much you avoid offsetting those earnings is the figure that matters most.”

Why deep work matters in early retirement. [The Frugal Engineers] — “When you leave your day job in the dust and open up an extra 40-60 hours per week of time for yourself, it’s incredibly easy to slip into a state of sloth. I’m not talking about taking a vacation to decompress – I’m referring to the tendency for activities to expand to fill the time we give them…The value of deep work should not be ignored even if it’s not billable, paid work.”

The rise of dogvorce. [GQ magazine] — “As more couples opt out of or delay the traditional markers of relationship maturity (marriage, babies), many of them seem to be compensating by adopting dogs instead. When unmarried couples decide to split, however, without the formality of an official legal process to divide up the assets, figuring out who gets to walk away with the pets in tow can be especially dicey.” This article is surprisingly good.

That’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with more top money stories from around the web.