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Taking out the trash day

One of my favorite shows was The West Wing and “take out the trash day” refers to when the White House would release a bunch of bad news on a Friday so the media couldn’t focus on any one thing. While it seems like the current administration has employed this strategy 24/7, I’m only using it because I can’t come up with a good title or theme for today. 🙂

None of the items on the list are trash.

In fact, they’re great. That’s why I put them in the post. 🙂

But my creativity is at a minimum and I miss The West Wing so there you have it:

My Last Day Of Corporate Work: Stepping Into The Light [A Purple Life] – “It happened. Yesterday was my last day of corporate work.”

My friend Marcus Garrett’s book on getting out of debt – DEBT Free or Die Trying: How I Buried Myself $30,000 in Debt and Dug My Way Out – is free on the Kindle from October 1st through the 5th. Get your copy ASAP and forward this to whomever you think needs to see it.

Something funny is about to happen to some prices [IFOST Blog] – This post is an interesting thought exercise about what happens when electricity becomes plentiful, as it will likely be once solar panels are far more efficient than they are today. You may be paid to consume electricity, which changes the economics of a lot of different activities.

Why the Survival of the Airlines Depends on Frequent Flyer Programs [Marker] – “The Financial Times pegs the value of Delta’s loyalty program at a whopping $26 billion, American Airlines at $24 billion, and United at $20 billion. All of these valuations are comfortably above the market capitalization of the airlines themselves — Delta is worth $19 billion, American $6 billion, and United $10 billion. In other words, if you take away the loyalty program, Delta’s real-world airline operation — with hundreds of planes, a world-beating maintenance operation, landing rights, brand recognition, and experienced executives — is worth roughly negative $7 billion.”

This one is for J.D., something he’d enjoy and appreciate:

How I used the internet to painlessly relearn a foreign language & you could too [Robert Wiblin on Medium] – “Over the last year I’ve found many ways to practice Spanish every day that are extremely effective, and not only painless but outright enjoyable. I found that not only could I relearn Spanish from my home in the UK, I could learn it much faster than if I were living in Spain and just relying on daily life to instruct me.”

Have a great weekend!