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Millionaire money mentors

Good morning, Apexians! Plenty of money stories to share this week, but because the U.S. in the middle of a Presidential campaign, let’s start today with something political. That ought to make a few folks angry. But it has to be done.

A lot of issues in the political arena have two sides, and I get that. I’m fine with it. Let’s argue about immigration and tax reform and how we should handle health care in this country. But sometimes? Sometimes an issue is complete bullshit. Voting by mail is one of those bullshit issues. How did this even come to be perceived as a problem? Because it’s not — and it never has been. Even my conservative friends are baffled as to why it’s suddenly in the news. And no wonder.

A recent article from the (centrist, non-partisan) Brooking Institute cites data from the right-wing Heritage Foundation that found — wait for it! — 309 cases of voting fraud involving mail-in and/or absentee ballots over the past 36 years (and nearly two billion votes).

That’s right, my friends. There have been 309 cases of mail-in vote fraud over 36 years and nearly two billion votes. And that’s data/info from a conservative source. Hardly a crisis to our democracy.

Bottom line? This is a made-up crisis. It’s complete and utter bullshit. It’s the bullshittiest of bullshit issues.

And that’s enough politics, don’t you think? 🙂 Let’s move on to money.

Six steps to finding your second act in retirement. [Kiplinger] — “Finding a second-act career isn’t easy, even for those with a track record of professional success. It requires much more than just announcing your retirement one day and signing on as a volunteer the next…Here are some practical steps to help you prepare for your next stage, whether you decide to volunteer, work part-time, start a business—or do all three.”

A remembrance of Forest Fenn. [Medium] — “Forrest Fenn was born in 1930 in Temple, Texas. A poor student who disappointed his educator father, he grew into a life of adventure — a decorated Air Force pilot who was shot down in the Vietnam War and survived the Laos jungle, a rakish and prominent art dealer who courted the rich and famous, and, in his third and final act, a compulsive memoirist who wrote a poem that launched a treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains that inspired many thousands of regular folks the world over.”

Lastly, our buddy John over at ESI Money has just launched a new program that Jim and I think is interesting. Millionaire Money Mentors is exactly what it sounds like. John has taken his popular series of interviews with millionaires (over 200 of them now!) and used that as a springboard to launch a (for-pay) service that connects wealthy people with folks who want to be wealthy. If that describes you, you should check it out. If it’s not your cup of tea, no worries. But I suspect that some of you will find this worthwhile.

Okay, I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff — none of which will be political. See you then!