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I tend to get somewhat more introspective as we get closer to the weekend. At the start of the week, I’m playing a bit of catch up. The stuff I put off last week plus the stuff that I have to do this week.

But as we get into Thursday and Friday, things start to slow down as I complete tasks and kick the other cans down the road. 😂

So today, I want to look at a couple posts that had an impact on me and my thinking of the future:

Someday When I Retire [Katrina Kibben] – “If the average retirement age is 65 and the average life expectancy is only 75, that means we’ll spend 50 years working to get 10 that we can actually enjoy. That is fucked up, especially when you consider that quality of life within the last few years before you die will most likely be declining. You can’t just get up and go when you’re worried about mobility issues. Retirement is not a finish line but instead a beginning toward the end of our lives.”

Escaping The Waiting Place [Joseph Wells] – “Sadness for all the people in the pictures, waiting for this or that. Waiting to live their lives. Waiting because they were scared of acting. And I realized it’s sad because it’s true. It isn’t a made-up fairy-tale creation. It’s a mirror held up to reality. To the world we all inhabit. To the lives that pass us by while we’re waiting for the perfect timing. Waiting for the chances that never come.”

The Incredible Story of How Nike Signed LeBron James [Esquire] – “After the presentation, Reebok put its offer on the table: $100 million over ten years. The room fell silent. LeBron was astounded. Sonny Vaccaro had told him he was worth a hundred million. But that number had always felt more magical than literal.” I haven’t seen Air yet, which is about Nike’s pursuit of Michael Jordan, but I can’t wait!

And before you go off into the weekend, here’s a powerful video about rising above negativity.

A Powerful Story About Rising Above Negativity (THE EAGLE and CROW):

Don’t fight your crow. Go higher.

(the speaker is William King Hollis)