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Don’t pin the butterfly

Don’t pin the butterfly: not all hobbies need to become hustles [Ness Labs] – “I was trying so hard to pin the butterfly. Sometimes, ideas and passions are best left alone, given enough space to expand, travel, and connect with other ideas and passions. But our worship of entrepreneurship has made us run after viable businesses, profitable ventures—the kind of activities where time spent translates into money earned.”

Limited Time, Unlimited Dreams: 3 Steps to an Extraordinary Life [Route to Retire] – “If you’re one of the lucky ones who has woken up and realized that there’s more to your limited time here than just going through the motions every day, you’re a step ahead of most. Sadly, that’s only the first step to a better life. Just because you realize there’s more out there, nothing will change unless you make it happen. And we all know that complacency is thy enemy. It’s so much easier to just continue down the same path rather than make any big changes – even if we know it’s for the better.” You only get one life!

Check out this fun video – How to Get Ahead of 99% of People (Starting Today) by Mark Manson:

Well worth 12 minutes!