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So long and thanks for all the fish… (for now)

Today marks the last day I (Jim) will be curating Apex Money for a few weeks. J.D. is back from gallivanting and he wants his spot back!

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming with J.D. handling most of the primary curation duties.

I would love for you to let me know how I was doing. J.D. has been curating for years and I only recently tried my hand at it… so let me know how it went and how I can improve. You can reply to the emails or send me a message at jim at apexmoney dot com. So far a few of you have told me you enjoyed some of the previous articles and the guest curators. We want to give you what you want, so please let us know!

Onto today’s goodies:

Know Thyself: How Growing Self Awareness Made Me Better With Money [Brave Saver] – “I go through the motions of tracking expenses and setting a budget. Then I feel better because I have all the appearances of responsibility, that makes it so, right? Nope. Simply making a plan won’t lead to the outcomes I want. […] Eventually it occurred to me. The answer was, in fact, right there in the question: These tips and hacks didn’t work because they didn’t work for me.” If you struggle with following the advice of ‘experts,’ perhaps it’s because you need to filter their advice through your situation and history. Elyssa explains how she was able to develop this skill in her life (and how’s it’s constantly a work in progress).

Is Hiring A Coach Worth The Money? (And Do I Need One?) [Women Who Money] – “Sometimes you find all the information you need and take action without help from others. But you can probably name at least one important goal you haven’t met – even after trying different ways to accomplish it. If you suffer from impostor syndrome, are uninspired, would like more guidance, and are ready to move to the next level or make a transformative change, but don’t know where to start -you might consider hiring a coach. Let’s arm you with some info to help you decide if a coach is right for you.”

What’s in a Job? [Fiery Millenials] – “I started the year at one company, left after 6 months for another company, and am now getting seriously recruited for yet another company after only 3 months!” This post is really interesting because it walks through my friend Gwen’s thinking as she considered a new job just 3 months after starting her old job. If you’ve ever thought that leaving a job so quickly would brand you a “job hopper,” don’t. Sometimes a job is just not a good fit (and sometimes the other job is an $11k jump in pay with a bonus, RSU and better benefits!

Incidentally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has stats on average tenure and as of January 2018 it was just 4.2 years. The average tenure has largely been around that number too… so the idea of the company lifer is really a myth.

We end with a video explainer on the yield curve by Vox and what happens when it inverts (and why it inverts). It has predicted every recession over the last 50 years… but what does it actually mean?

Fascinating right?

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