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Should I Keep Working in Order to GiveWell?

Happy Hump Day from the Plutus Team! Please take a quick break from your busy day and enjoy these curations we put together just for you.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

What is Risk Tolerance. [MitlinFinancial] — “Risk tolerance is a topic spoken about often in the media and financial ecosystem. When you hear this discussed it usually gives you the impression that determining your risk tolerance is something easy to do. In reality, determining one’s risk tolerance is more of an art than a science.”  (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Should I Keep Working in Order to GiveWell?. [Abandoned Cubicle] — “What if you are within a few years or less of hitting an elusive early retirement goal, only to stumble upon a question like this: If you could save hundreds or even thousands of lives, would you keep working?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How My Coworker and I Advocated for 20% Raises (Sample Letter Included). [Goodbye Whine to 5] — “This story is important to me because it shows that advocating for better pay in your workplace can be successful, especially when there is a collective effort.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)