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Yeti Coolers Are Luxury Goods for Bros

I have a bunch of friends who swear by Yeti coolers. And Yeti tumblers. And Yeti coozies.

In fact, a LOT of people love Yeti coolers. They had $1.4 billion in revenue in 2021.

While we don’t own any of these very expensive coolers, I have seen cooler technology get much better as a result. There are now several brands that offer coolers and cooler adjacent products that are much better than the ole Coleman coolers. Market competition at its best!

Yeti Coolers Are Luxury Goods for Bros [The Atlantic] – “A Yeti, for the uninitiated, is a cooler made by the Austin, Texas–based company of the same name. But it’s not just any cooler. The brand’s acolytes—and there are many—will take seemingly any opportunity to tell you that Yetis are the best, coldest coolers that money can buy. With prices starting at $250 for enough space to get a small cookout drunk and ranging up to $1,500 for one so enormous, it could be used to cater an outdoor wedding, the coolers aren’t cheap. Yeti fans’ enthusiasm can be hard to argue with, though, not least of which because you probably don’t know anything about coolers. I, for example, do not.”

Neglected Ideas [Jonathan Clements on Humble Dollar] – “THE MOST POWERFUL financial ideas are those that help us make better money decisions—by providing a lens through which to understand ourselves and the world around us. Examples? Think about notions like loss aversion, diversification and market efficiency, all ideas frequently mentioned in HumbleDollar articles. Every investor, I believe, should understand such concepts.” It’s a good list of concepts we should all understand and internalize.

There’s a guy in Japan who gets paid to “do nothing” – to just be there. He doesn’t have to do more than give simple answers to questions and just hangs out. That’s a side hustle!