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“The subtle (but profound) shift that changed my life.”

Good morning, money nerds, and welcome to your Thursday. It’s going to be a great day! And we’re going to get things started with a look at some of the best money stories from around the web.

“The subtle (but profound) shift that changed my life.” [Platform for Good] — “I have bought books with an open hand and open wallet since I was 17. I have bought them in years when I was going into debt. I have bought them in years when I was paying off my mortgage. No matter what life stage, I’ve never scaled back my book-buying habit. I’ve always seen it as a superpower, and regardless of my other financial obligations, I never want to lose that drive, even for something as lovely as paying off my credit card…This is simply the best investment I have ever made.

At what age do Americans reach $100,000 in savings? [FlowingData] — “There was a statistic going around that said 1 in 6 millennials have at least $100,000 saved. The reactions were mostly confusion and indignation. They were along the lines of, ‘I don’t know a single millennial with $1,000, much less $100,000.’ Or, ‘Maybe $100,000 of debt, amirite.’ Is 1 in 6 such an impossible statistic? Short answer: No.”

“Wait a minute. How can they afford that when I can’t?” [New York Times] — “No doubt, most people could improve how they handle their finances. But better money management isn’t usually the culprit: When people seem to be able to afford much more than their income would suggest, it’s often because there is hidden wealth or hidden debt.

“Some crazy things I did to make extra money in college.” [Wallet Hacks] — “I found a lot of different ways to make money in college and today I wanted to share them in a fun post. I won’t list the boring ones, like summer internships, being a teaching assistant (really, a glorified grader), work-study, or taking psychology surveys or focus groups…Just some of the fun ones that I fondly look back on.”

To finish things for today, let’s address one of the world’s great mysteries: Why do we get sleepy in cars? That’s a mighty fine question, isn’t it? I’ve always wondered.

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