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What does buying a new car really cost?

Well, we’ve made it to another Friday, money nerds. Are you ready for the weekend? To kick things off right, we have some top money stories for you. But before we talk about money, let’s look at something fun — like a whale playing fetch…

How crazy is that? Okay, now let’s get down to business…

“The psychology of poverty (and how adversity taught me to manage my money).” [Financial Mechanic] — “I wasn’t a stranger to heatless winters and a hungry belly coming up. My mom would do her best to make sure I ate dinner but I got tired of seeing her scrambling for my crumbs and drinking warm water to try to fill her belly. So by the time I hit seven, I was choosing to skip meals at home so that she could have them.”

Parents, it’s okay to say no to your kids. [The Frugal Engineers] – “We have to let our kids live through discomfort. Every day in my adult life includes discomfort! When we don’t equip our kids with the skills to cope with discomfort, it’s no wonder so many children turn to drugs. Dealing with tough feelings is hard if you’ve never learned how to do it.”

What does buying a new car really cost over the years? [The Simple Path to Wealth] — “In my last post, Why we bought a brand new car, I made this assertion: ‘To be clear, if you are on the road to FI, you should not be buying new cars.’ And I pointed you to the Frugalwoods saying: ‘In fact, as Mrs. Frugalwoods explains so well in her recent post, you shouldn’t even be buying a newer, low mileage used car.’ But is it true? Well, as my friends at Millennial Revolution say: ‘Let’s math this shit up!’

How can you use values to make the best money decisions? [Women Who Money] — “Your money decisions are a reflection of your values. Even when you’re not dealing with your money, you’re making a money decision (the decision to do nothing is still a decision). So whether you’re spending or not spending, saving or not saving, investing or not investing – these are all money decisions.

“How farming saved my body image.” [Outside magazine] — “No level of training compares to the day-after-day-after-day grind of wrestling food from the earth. In September, I nearly threw up while stacking 60-pound hay bales in a 110-degree barn. I’m fairly sure I have a hernia from shoveling several thousand pounds of gravel. Last summer, when I posted a picture of a tiny blackberry in my palm, most of the comments were variants of Holy cow, those calluses.

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