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Rich or famous? Try rich first.

I love how publicly irascible Bill Murray always seems. I wonder if it’s an act or what but I hope it isn’t and he’s living his best life.

As for his best quote, this is it:

Bill Murray once said – “I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous: ‘try being rich first’. See if that doesn’t cover most of it. There’s not much downside to being rich, other than paying taxes and having your relatives ask you for money. But when you become famous, you end up with a 24-hour job.”

As for fame, it probably sucks to be famous. I’m not famous, do not want to be famous, and rather how things are… though I don’t know if I’d have the self-awareness that Tim Minchin did during his ascension:

http://‘There is a reason why famous people are often screwed up’: Tim Minchin on quitting comedy [The Guardian] – ““Fame” takes that internal camera we call the “self” and puts it on a massive selfie stick, so when you are in public a percentage of your brain is always occupied by observing yourself in the third person. And eventually you don’t know how to reel that camera back in, even when you’re at home with your partner and kids. You start to believe that you are an entity. You learn to like yourself as much as you are liked, which means, when the trolls come trolling, you tend to hate yourself as much as you are hated. There is a reason why famous people are often screwed up: it’s not that wankers become famous, it’s that fame makes you a wanker.”

Ever wonder what an early retiree does all day? Wonder no more! Purple recorded everything she did for the last year, down to the hour.

I Recorded Everything I Did Every Hour For A Year: Here’s What Retirees Do All Day! [A Purple Life] – “As y’all know, I’m a super nerd. And part of being super-nerdy involves being curious about what in the world I would get up to in retirement with 24/7/365 freedom. I also knew that weeks and even months can seem to pass so fast that it’s difficult to recall what I actually did with all those hours. So with that knowledge, I decided to record everything I did in retirement in hourly increments. Originally, this was going to be a month-long experiment, but it took so little time and was so fascinating to me that I kept going…and before I knew it, a year had passed 🙂 . So now I have an actual record of what I did every hour for my first year of retirement and I wanted to share that with y’all today.” Wow, so cool.