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Six strategies of Warren Buffett

A lot of people like Warren Buffett because they consider him an investing genius (he is). I find that aspect of him to be very impressive even if the totality of his life isn’t something I’d aspire to (his personal life is one aspect I do not like all that much).

One professional characteristic that I do find enviable is his ability to keep things simple. Berkshire Hathaway owns many companies with hundreds of thousands of employees but the headquarters has only about two dozen!

Here are the six strategies of Warren Buffet, as interpreted by Michael Simmons on Accelerated Intelligence:

Warren Buffett: “Really Successful People Say No To Almost Everything” [Accelerated Intelligence] – “As we grow in our careers, in our companies, and in our lives, it’s extremely easy to add complexity. In fact, it’s the norm. As you get more profit, it’s normal to hire more employees. As you earn more money, it’s normal to spend more and more. What’s truly powerful and unique is to keep things simple. That takes effort and skill. And, that is part of Buffett’s genius.” It’s hard to keep things simple.

How We Manage Our Money [The FIoneers] – “I have a confession to make. Until 2018 and the age of 31, I wanted nothing to do with our finances. […] As a feminist, I’m now a huge proponent of women having their own money and being full partners in the management of money in their households. I can’t believe it took me so long to get involved.” A peek into how Jessica and Corey manage their finances.

They reference the Anti-Budget, which is a great concept:

Hate Budgeting? Here’s the Easiest Budget Ever [Afford Anything] – “There’s no need to track how much you’re spending on groceries, electricity, restaurants and clothes. You don’t need to line-item your sunglasses, toothpaste, and that time you dropped $80 at the bar.”

Billions of banknotes are missing. Why does nobody care? [The Economist] – “One Saturday evening last October, a young woman called Tara Hanlon arrived at Heathrow airport with five suitcases. When a customs officer asked why she had so much luggage, she explained that she was going to Dubai with friends and didn’t know what she might want to wear. Hanlon’s long hair, plump lips and sculpted eyebrows gave her a passing resemblance to Kim Kardashian, but her diva-ish explanation didn’t satisfy the customs officer. Her bags were searched. Inside were stack upon stack of banknotes – £1,940,120 ($2.7m) in total – strewn with coffee in an apparent attempt to confuse the sniffer dogs.”