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Renting vs. buying

The rent vs. buy question is one of the oldest in personal finance debates. If you’re my parents’ generation, the advice was to buy if you could afford it. No question about it. Renting was “throwing money away” and you wanted to buy to build equity.

But it’s rarely so clear. There are obvious advantages to both.

We own our home because we prefer stability. As an owner, your housing payment doesn’t change significantly (only increases as property taxes increase) and no one can kick you out. There are other advantages of but those are the biggest ones.

But renting has advantages too, as we’ll see in the first post:

Advantages of Renting: Why I Rent Instead of Buy [Life and My Finances] – “One day, I imagine owning a home where my husband and I can raise a family. But right now, Iā€™m a happy renter and I plan to rent instead of buy for at least more five years. Here are my top five advantages of renting…”

There’s no one size fits all advice in the world. And this applies to sleep as well. šŸ™‚

Individual Circadian Clocks Might Be the Next Frontier of Personalized Medicine
[TIME] – “Although the federal government recommends that Americans sleep seven or more hours per night for optimal health and functioning, new research is challenging the assumption that sleep is a one-size-fits-all phenomenon. Scientists have found that our internal body clocks vary so greatly that they could form the next frontiers of personalized medicine. By listening more closely to the ticking of our internal clocks, researchers expect to uncover novel ways to help everybody get more out of their sleeping and waking lives.”

24 Places to Get Free Books Online [A Dime Saved] – “I absolutely love reading! I am a real bookworm. There is nothing better than curling up with a great book. Books can get pretty expensive so I am constantly searching for the best ways to get free books online.”

Meet the psychic that big-money Wall Street traders depend on [NY Post] – “When it comes to playing the stock market, buttoned-up bankers are turning to a new form of market analysis before hedging their bets: A New York City tarot-card reader.”

Have yourself a great day!