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A commonplace book

When I started Apex with J.D., I didn’t realize what I was doing.

I was keeping a version of a “commonplace book” but instead of my ideas, it was capturing other people’s ideas in one place. It’s a bit like what J.D. used to do on, before it was sold and sold and sold, but I like the idea of a commonplace book even more.

It’s a collection of your thoughts and ideas.

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book” [Ryan Holiday in Thought Catalog] – “When I read this, I immediately began a ritual that I have practiced for many years–and that others have done for centuries before me–I marked down the passage and later transferred it to my “commonplace book.” Why? Because it’s a great line and it stood out to me. I wrote it down I’ll want to have it around for later reference, for potentially using it in my writing or work, or for possible inspiration at some point in the future.”

What if We Could Live for a Million Years? [Scientific American] – “The good news is that over a lifetime as long as a million years, space travel can take us to the nearest stars using existing chemical rockets. It would take merely 100,000 years to arrive at the habitable planet around Proxima Centauri with a space vehicle that travels at the speed of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. For passengers who live a million years, such a trip would appear just like the decade-long journey of New Horizons to Pluto within our current life span. Of course, the spacecraft will have to provide an enduring ecosystem and comfortable living conditions over this long journey. And the passengers will have to maintain a stable mindset for their journey’s goal and not lose faith, like a fisherman who, after a long hiatus without finding any fish, asks whether ‘the real purpose of fishing is catching fish.'”

ATM Hackers Have Picked Up Some Clever New Tricks [Wired] – “So-called jackpotting attacks have gotten increasingly sophisticated—while cash machines have stayed pretty much the same.”

Jackpotting is such a great name.

See you tomorrow!