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Remembering Charlie Munger

The big news of last week was the passing of Charlie Munger. His business partner, Warren Buffett, gets all the attention but if you ask most people, I suspect preferred the directness and candor of Munger.

I really enjoyed Rob Berger’s video Remembering Charlie Munger:

Do you live in an ingredient household? [The Frugal Girl] – “It’s a home that stocks mostly, well, ingredients, instead of ready-to-eat foods. Like, instead of oatmeal packets, you might have jars of oats, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and there’s milk in your fridge. You can eat oatmeal for breakfast, but you do have to make it.” We’ve made it a point to try to be more of an ingredient household, it’s always a work in progress!

I love hearing stories of what was valuable in ancient times. The classic one is Tulip mania, when tulip bulb prices skyrocketed in the Netherlands, but did you know that Tyrian purple was also highly prized? A Roman edict issued in 301 A.D. made it the “most expensive product in antiquity” – more than 3 times its weight in gold!

Tyrian purple: The lost ancient pigment that was more valuable than gold [BBC] – “That invention was Tyrian purple, otherwise known as shellfish purple. But though this noble pigment was the most expensive product in antiquity – worth more than three times its weight in gold, according to a Roman edict issued in 301 AD – no one living today knows how to make it. By the 15th Century, the elaborate recipes to extract and process the dye had been lost.”

Humans are such funny creatures. 😂