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Rekindling the Eye of the Tiger

Rekindling the Eye of the Tiger – Escaping Mediocrity [Route to Retire] – “As someone who tends to have higher-than-high and lower-than-low temperaments in life, I sometimes have a hard time in those lows. Unfortunately, life’s not always a bowl of cherries so you gotta push your way through the bad times to get back to the good. The key is to be able to step back and realize that the lows are just a blip in life’s radar.”

Navigating Early Retirement [Rational Walk] – “Most people dream about retirement but not necessarily because they dislike work. Having more time to devote to family, recreation, hobbies, and volunteer activities are common motivating factors. Unfortunately, most people fail to achieve financial independence due to the trap of an ever-ratcheting lifestyle. But for those who are motivated, early retirement is within reach even without an unusually high income. It just takes a great deal of discipline and a fiercely independent mindset.” Don’t miss the the “Key dates in retirement” section.

How To Take A Year Off From Work Without Wrecking Your Money Goals [Gen Y Planning] – “If you plan on taking an absence from work rather than quitting altogether, you’ll need to work closely with your employer and give them ample notice. More employers are adopting ample paid time off policies due to the Great Resignation, which means it may be easier than you think to leave for an extended time. Some companies offer sabbatical leave, and others may be open to the idea on a case-by-case basis.”