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Creating an awesome life

As we cruise into the weekend, I wanted to share a video that resonated with me:

I had this same realization twenty years ago when I heard about someone dying in a SCIF on a Friday (a secure classified area) and not being discovered until the following Monday. I didn’t freak out afterwards but it was eye opening… and probably pushed me to start my first personal finance blog.

How to Build Good Credit Without Going Into Debt [Bitches Get Riches] – “Adult human beings need credit—good credit—to do lots of important adult things such as renting apartments and buying cars. We’ve been over this! But conventional wisdom says that the best way—nay, the only way—to build good credit is by accumulating debt. […] So let’s toss out the conventional wisdom. There’s got to be a better way! And there is. For it’s entirely possible to steadily build good credit without going into a day of debt.”

‘One billionaire at a time’: inside the Swiss clinics where the super-rich go for rehab [The Guardian] – “If the sky is clear, it is possible to lean out of the windows of Paracelsus Recovery, a luxury rehabilitation clinic in Zurich, and gaze along the lake to the Alps in the distance. It is the kind of view, of blue water and white peaks, that promises immediate rejuvenation, a purity close to holiness. The clinic, meanwhile, offers more elaborate treatments at a cost of between 95,000 to 120,000 Swiss francs (£85,000-£107,000) a week for the typical six- to eight-week stay.” Pretty incredible read.

Lastly, please enjoy this commencement speech by Mark Rober, one of my favorite engineer/Youtubers:

He brought his own music!

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!