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Inventing the Perfect College Applicant

Happy Friday!

For some reason, this post didn’t get out to you this morning so here it is to help you ease into the weekend. 🙂

Our first one for the day highlights a career I heard about but never read up on – college admissions consultant. Whatever you may think about it, they exist and parents are using them. Our oldest is only 12 but we’re not far from when these types of things will start coming onto our radar.

Inventing the Perfect College Applicant [New York Magazine] – “For $120,000 a year, Christopher Rim promises to turn any student into Ivy bait.” wow.

100 Simple Truths [] – “26. You can either build your dream, or help someone build theirs.” Some gems in this one.

And for our last article, a story of crime and jailbreak! (no, not unlocking smartphones from their carriers, breaking out of prisons!)

The Secrets of the World’s Greatest Jailbreak Artist [GQ] – “Few prisoners in France are as notable as the 46-year-old Faïd, who officially ranks among the country’s highest-risk inmates. A notorious thief—the architect of a flurry of dazzling heists and blockbuster robberies in the 1990s that targeted banks, jewelry stores, and armored cars—Faïd became more infamous still in 2013, when he blasted out of the Sequedin prison, near Lille, where he’d been serving time after a botched robbery, using smuggled explosives. That dramatic escape embarrassed the top echelons of the French justice system, and since Faïd’s recapture six weeks later, he’s been under stringent restrictions.” It starts with a jailbreak but then goes into Faid’s history, which is filled with less than savory stuff.

Have a great weekend!