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No one knows when they are going to go

When you’re young, dwelling on your mortality seems grim. Weird. Sad, even.

When you’re old, dwelling on your mortality seems enlightened. Aware. Freeing, even.

As I get older, the realization that my life will end doesn’t make me sad. It makes me value it more because it’s no longer infinite.

Running Out of Life [Lazy Man and Money] – “No one knows when they are going to go. Last month, I talked with a 42-year-old personal trainer about setting up an appointment to get on his program. Less than a week later, I was at his funeral.” Hat tip to J. Money for pointing out this gem.

The Secret Weapon Hackers Can Use to Dox Nearly Anyone in America for $15 [404 Media] – “Most Americans have very little choice but to provide their personal information to credit bureaus. Hackers have found a way into that data supply chain, and are advertising access in group chats used by violent criminals who rob, assault, and shoot targets.” This isn’t good.

Unlocking Agency: Journey From Paycheck to Purpose [Chris Wong] – “Paycheck People are risk-averse people who take no agency in their lives. They have “failures of nerve” – an obsession with rationalization to justify events rather than taking action. Courageous Thinkers not only have agency, but adapt to uncertainty to push through on their objectives. They know their interests and shape their identities and narratives to find meaning.”