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Ukraine’s Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

“I Want to Work and Grow With My Country”: Ukraine’s Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories [Too Ambitious] – “On February 14th, designer Svitlana Bevza showed her Fall 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week. Ten days later she woke up at 5am to the sound of explosions near her home in the suburbs of Kyiv, Ukraine.”

Myth: No One Ever Got Rich by [X] [Lazy Man and Money] – “It ignores that your total money mindset is made up of many beliefs and actions. It’s unlikely that you are going to be frugal in just one area. Usually, if you are saving money on coffee by making it at home, you are also the kind of person who brings their lunch to work. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it’s probably going to happen more often than not.”

Investor Psychology During a Sell-Off [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “After huge gains, some investors are invariably going to find reasons to sell and lock in their gains. And after large losses, some investors are invariably going to find reasons to buy, even when the news continues to look grim.” A quick look at boom and bust markets within the last few decades.

Happiness and why “happily ever after” is a myth [Big Think] – “And they lived happily ever after. It’s the stock ending to many fairy tales, but this bedtime lesson is as make-believe as the stories that teach it. Happiness’s true value isn’t in its everlasting quality. It’s that it makes us antifragile.”