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Minsky moments

I love a good framework for thinking about something.

One of my favorite frameworks is the one explained in Ray Dalio’s Principles, beautifully explained visually in this video How the Economic Machine Works. (watch it if you haven’t seen it before)

Another useful one is our first article:

Minsky Moments in Venture Capital [Pivotal] – “Hyman Minsky was a 20th-century economist whose ‘financial instability hypothesis’ is probably the best-known explanation for the boom and bust cycles that characterize public financial markets. But there’s far less examination — in fact, there’s almost none — of how Minsky dynamics apply to private markets.” A very good explanation about the Minsky cycle and boom & bust cycles. It then goes into how it affects venture investing, which is less applicable to everyone else, but the framework is still useful.

A career ending mistake [Bitfield Consulting] – “Instead, I want to talk about another kind of career ending mistake, one that affects more than just the unlucky few. Indeed, it’s a mistake we’re probably all making right now. And that’s not planning the end of our careers.” The article is aimed at technology folks, so it has that in some of its examples, but it’s applicable to everyone in any industry.

“Pack For Your Biggest Fear”: Building my Attitude Fund [Money Gremlin] – ““Pack for your biggest fear”: How hiking advice lead me to accept and prioritize a mathematically “wrong” financial goal.”