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Last post of 2023

Hello hello Apexian!

This marks the final Apex Money post of the year, as we will be taking the next week off. J.D. will return to kick off 2024 with posts that he forgot to share in 2023! 😂

In true end of year fashion, we will start with a post that looks back on 2023:

Six charts that defined the markets in 2023 [Axios] – “Egg prices peaked at $4.82 a dozen in January and then started, er, cracking, but falling prices for these staple ovoids didn’t curb the Great American Egg Price Freakout of 2023.” Once you get past the first chart, which is about GDP, you get into charts that reflect public consensus and understanding – like egg prices, housing prices, etc.

Happily Ever After [Humble Dollar] – “In late 2021, I split my portfolio in two. One part I’ll use to fund my retirement, while the other part I’ll leave to my two kids. This “bequest” portion consists of my three Roth accounts, which are roughly a quarter of my overall portfolio. Because I don’t foresee ever touching this money, I’ve invested the entire sum in stocks.” Clever.

Wealth is the Control of Time [Investment Talk] – “When you think about it, money is a funny thing. Over the centuries, a diverse list such as seashells, massive stones, gold nuggets, salt, beaver pelts, and pieces of paper were all accepted as money. For many people today, money is just pixels on a screen. While certain forms of money performed better than others, its function remained the same across millennia—to enable time and energy expended in the present to be exchanged elsewhere and at a later date.” Money = time!

Finally, as this is the last post of the year, I want to say thank you for subscribing, reading, and enjoying this little project of J.D. and mine. We do it for fun, we hope you enjoy it, and we wish you a prosperous and healthy new year!

J.D. will be back on January 1st (or thereabouts) with our first edition of 2024!