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75 Financial Facts from 2023

I like long lists of facts and this, entirely financial related, one delivers!

There are so many good ones it was hard to use one in the excerpt and they all have sources.

75 Facts from 2023 [The Idea Farm] – “ estimates in 2020, 44% of workers with FSAs forfeited money, and the average amount was $408 per person. Workers forfeited approximately $3 billion in 2019 and $4.2 billion in 2020.” Use your FSA money!!!

Exploring the purpose of life [The Beautiful Truth] – “What is the purpose of life? Whatever you may think is the answer, you might, from time to time at least, find your own definition unsatisfactory. After all, how can one say why any living creature is on Earth in just one simple phrase? For me, looking back on 18 years of research into how the human brain handles language, there seems to be only one, solid, resilient thread that prevails over all others. Humanity‚Äôs purpose rests in the spectacular drive of our minds to extract meaning from the world around us.”

This is a fun video of the smallest to the largest thing in the Universe video. The size of a person is the mid-point and they compare small and large things of equal multiples, it’s really quite well done and worth the twelve and a half minutes: