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Is Money Stress Killing You? Tips to Help You Stay Motivated.

Happy Hump Day Plutus Friends!!! Enjoy these great articles.

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Be Someone Whose Life Is So Interesting, No One Can Stitch Together Your Timeline. [Simple and Straightforward] — “Simple living gives you options. Having the opportunity to live a full, interesting life is probably the biggest and most important option of them all. I want to finish my life with more to show for it than a big house and lots of stuff. I want to finish life with people wondering how the hell did she fit all that into 80+ years?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

Is Money Stress Killing You? Tips to Help You Stay Motivated. [Harris Cash Coach] — “You might feel like giving up on managing your money for many reasons. It can be a lot of work and frustrating when you don’t see results right away. Finding ways to stay motivated and on track with your financial goals is important. Staying motivated can help you reduce money stress, build wealth, and achieve your financial goals.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

What are the risks of index investing? [Wallet Hacks] — “Index funds offer a very compelling sales pitch: instant investment in the stock market (whatever the fund represents), exceptionally low fees (often less than 0.05%), low maintenance. But are there risks to index funds? Are there any reasons why we shouldn’t be using index funds? Today, I want to play a little Devil’s Advocate and point out some of the potential risks of index investing.” (Submitted by J. Money.)