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Do You Feel Weird Checking eBay Prices?

In college, I used to flip things on eBay and other marketplaces. I’d find software that was free after rebate on Fatwallet, redeem the rebate, and then sell on eBay (totally legit, you indicated the UPC was gone so they knew). There was some risk that they’d reject your rebate but if you followed up, the risk was minimal.

Man those were the days… it made sense for a college kid in the late 90s to spend that much time to make $30. šŸ™‚

I got into it so much that I wrote software to scrape completed eBay listings to calculate how much I could make.

Nowadays, flippers have it so much easier. You can just check prices on your phone right there in the store. So when I saw this first post, I chuckled a little.

As a Flipper, Should You Feel Weird About Checking eBay Prices In Front of Others? [Money And Bills] – “Some flippers feel weird about checking prices in front of others at garage sales, moving sales, swap meets, and the like, is it considered rude behavior to do this? When I was new to reselling on eBay, I felt really weird about checking prices in front of others. Iā€™d do anything to hide my phone or turn around and look something up so no one would see me.” I might feel weird at a garage sale because it’s someone’s house but not at an estate sale or a store.

I Wondered, Could We Live On Social Security Alone? [Leisure Freak] – “I take great pride in the way we chose to live a frugal life so that we could retire early. It not only allowed us to save a higher percentage of our income when we were still working, but also resulted in needing a smaller portfolio capable of supporting us. I wondered at this time when many people have little to no retirement savings, even with our frugality, whether we could retire and live on Social Security alone.” A good exercise.

And to round it all out, here’s a little crime story.

The Last Gamble of Tokyo Joe [Chicago] – “Ken Eto rose through the ranks of the Chicago mob, and then it tried to kill him. The underworld would never be the same.”