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How to do the things you keep avoiding.

Welcome to Wednesday, my friends. We’ve got some money links for you. Are you ready?

Today, let’s lead with our video feature. From His and Her Money, here’s a 43-minute interview in which one wife describes how she got her husband on board to become debt-free. Good stuff, right?

How to do the things you keep avoiding. [Raptitude] — “The Cloud is not the Task, but from a distance it appears to be. The Task is what you have to do. The Cloud is all the immaterial, psychological stuff that condenses around a Task when you’re thinking about it without doing it. It’s a byproduct, made of intolerable, insoluble problems that aren’t really about the task, like self-doubt and the pain of past mistakes.”

Positive feedback loops. [Zen Habits] — “Negative feedback loops will cause us to not do the activity. Positive feedback loops will cause us to stay with it for much longer. Think about the design of your plan to change your behavior: is it designed to give you positive feedback or negative feedback? Most people ignore this component entirely.”

Why four women decided to downsize their homes and declutter their lives. [Real Simple] — “Meet four women who decided to live a downsized life, from an interior designer who realized she wasn’t using half of her house, to a podcast host who wanted to finally stop being a messy person. They share their motivations, strategies, and challenges—plus the rewards of their newfound simplicity. Here’s what happened when they decided to live with less.”

That’s it for Hump Day. Join us again tomorrow for more of the best from the world of personal finance!