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An illustrated guide to bitcoin.

Good morning, y’all! You ready for a plate of piping hot personal-finance links to go with that cup of coffee? Good. You’ve come to the right place. Dig in!

An introduction to ugly produce delivery services. [The Fioneers] — “I [finds] these services appealing for two reasons. First, these services ship the produce directly to your house, compared to a CSA that typically requires you to pick it up from a central location. The ugly veggie services also provide the option of customizing the size of the box you want and the products inside. CSA shares provide a lot of food, and I wasn’t sure that we could use it all.” Kim just told me about these services last week!

An illustrated guide to bitcoin. [The Hustle] — “At this point, nearly everyone has heard of bitcoin. But many folks still don’t quite understand how the currency is created…In this illustrated guide, we’ll cover the following: how bitcoin is created (a process called mining), how the economics of mining have changed over time, the effects this process has on power consumption.”

“I ditched texting and picked up the phone.” [Outside magazine] — “I thought that I’d wind up among the ‘enlightened’, a digital ascetic who prioritized attentiveness above all else. Instead, I’m grateful for the many avenues of connection out there. Sometimes the facelessness of a text can be a balm, just like the connectedness of a call.” I’ve been experimenting with more phone calls in 2021. So far, I like it.

To close things out today, here’s a video I love. As you may or may not know, you used to be able to buy complete kits to build your own home from Sears. These kits were affordable and popular. Well, here’s a TV news story that profiles an entire neighborhood in Carlinville, Illinois built from Sears homes.

Love it!

Okay, that’s all for Tuesday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more awesome stories. See you then.