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How the super-rich buy their homes

They’re like you and me, except they have millions of dollars and access to financial instruments we don’t! 🙂

How the super-rich buy their homes [Financial Times] – “For years the super-rich, advised by a suite of lawyers, accountants and bankers have taken mortgages — often reaching up to 100 per cent of the value of the property — on the world’s priciest homes. The majority of loans are interest-only; most are never paid off unless the home is sold; increasingly, when the home is inherited, the next generation will take out a comparable loan. The money saved can then be shuffled around the world in search of the best tax deal and the biggest investment gains.”

Why the Survival of the Airlines Depends on Frequent Flyer Programs [Marker] – “It turns out frequent flyer programs are worth more than the airlines themselves.” The article is from 9/2020 but still accurate today.

Spiders are much smarter than you think [Knowable Magazine] – “Cross studies the behavior of jumping spiders, the undisputed champs of cognition among spiders. Although these tiny arachnids have brains that could literally fit on the head of a pin, the work of Cross and other scientists suggests that they have capabilities we’d have no problem hailing as signs of intelligence if exhibited by animals with much larger brains, like dogs or human toddlers.” You have to read the section where they describe the jumping spiders and the strategies they use to HUNT OTHER SPIDERS. And then the lab tests. It’s remarkable.