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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Apexian friends!

This will be our last post of the week. I’ve been battling the flu for the last week (amazing it’s been this long, to be honest… I got a flu shot too!) and we have family coming into town for Thanksgiving. If you are a Thanksgiving enjoyer, I hope you have a good time with you and yours, we will be back next Monday with more great stuff courtesy of my better looking half, J.D.

I will not, however, leave you without some interesting topics that may make it to your dining room table discussions. These are meant to make you think, not start fights. 😆

What If Money Expired? [NOEMA] – “A long-forgotten German economist argued that society and the economy would be better off if money was a perishable good. Was he an anarchist crank or the prophet of a better world?” This is a fascinating thought experiment… but in some ways, inflation serves a similar function. But read the whole thing because there are a few stories of different places that used perishable money.

She lived in a New York hotel for more than 40 years. But her life was a mystery [NPR] – “Yet for a few dozen, the Belvedere is home. They came to New York from all parts of the world decades earlier, and stayed on in rent-stabilized rooms as the hotel changed owners and the city changed around them. Among them was Hisako Hasegawa in room 208. She would live in the Belvedere for more than 40 years, yet remain a mystery even to those who saw her daily. That anonymity would follow her in death.” Something to think about as you spend time with family and friends… keep them close and cherish them.

Finally… how deadly is quicksand?