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Don’t take it personal

While we are all unique, most of our financial needs are the same. It’s easy to think that we all need specialized advice but I’d venture to say 80-90% of our needs are the same.

You should spend less than you earn. Save at least 20% and invest it in the stock market. The rest fits on an index card.

But financial experts, the ones who would sell you personalized service, would have you believe you are a unique situation with unique needs… needs they can help you with.

Don’t Take It Personal [Fortunes and Frictions] – “The financial advice industry markets to our desire for exclusivity and personalization. But for stocks, paying extra fees for personalization is typically a waste of money.”

11 Things I Learned About Investing [The Alchemy of Money] – “You are not the next Warren Buffett. Or the next George Soros, Peter Lynch, David Tepper, etc. … There is nothing wrong with picturing yourself in someone else’s shoes early on. And it is important to understand how and why some investors excelled. But you have to integrate those lessons into a path that is uniquely yours, in markets and life.”

The 20 Greatest Decluttering Tips of All Time [No Sidebar] – “As you’ve journeyed through these 20 decluttering tips, you may feel the urge to overhaul your space all at once. However, lasting change is a gradual process. The secret isn’t in embracing every single strategy today, but in finding the few that resonate deeply with you and your lifestyle.”