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Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious?

I’m not superstitious but I also don’t tempt fate by NOT being superstitious. I also turned thirteen on Friday the 13th… but nothing bad happened (thankfully).

9 Bizarre Money Superstitions People Actually Believe [Wise Bread] – “Do not place your purse on the floor. This superstition is considered to be bad feng shui, because your purse is seen as a symbol for your wealth. Putting it on the floor is therefore a sign of great disrespect and disregard for your money.”

It’s only bizarre if it doesn’t work, right? 🙂

The Difference Between Lifestyle Creep and Improving Your Life [We Want Guac] – “Are You Buying This for Your Own Happiness, or Because it’s Expected of You? Check in with yourself to make sure you’re making this decision conscientiously. You don’t want to just go through the motions of purchasing what society tells you is good to buy. If I did what others expected of me I’d have stayed around my hometown Fearsville. I would have continued to practice a religion I don’t believe in and socializing with people who didn’t have my best interests at heart. No part of that scenario would make me truly happy. For your own self esteem and overall life satisfaction, make sure this isn’t just something you feel you need to check off of your Life To-Do list.”

Super-Concierge Doctors, High-Design Home Classrooms, and Catered Backyard Dinners: Lifestyles of the Rich and Quarantined [Washingtonian] – “Covid-19 has wrought lasting, horrific damage on the country—pushing millions of people out of work and killing more than 200,000, a disproportionate number of them people of color. But if the disease has upended our society, there are some slivers of Washington where people can afford an extra measure of comfort (on the hush-hush, of course). The parties are still on (now the tasting menu comes to you), the kids are still in classrooms (they just might be newly installed, high-design “homerooms”), and getaways still happen (they just might involve a new yacht rather than airplane tickets).”

On Needing to Find Something to Worry About [The School of Life] – “It sounds paradoxical and absurd to think that some of us might need to find something to worry about in order to recover our equilibrium. Worry is, after all, something we should rightly hate to have to suffer and should engage with only when absolutely necessary.”

That’s it for me! Stay safe and have a great weekend Apexian!