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The grinding loneliness of working from home

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to another week of Apex Money. Jim and I are here to bring you some of the most interesting articles we’ve found on money and related subjects. To kick things off this week, we’ve got some good stuff. Take a look.

The quiet, grinding loneliness of working from home. [The Guardian] — “After four months of long days alone at the tiny desk in her bedroom, Mackenzie had a panic attack. She had lost weight and become depressed. ‘At first, I thought it was because the job was demanding, but I realised it was more the isolation and not being able to interact with people,’ she says. ‘I hadn’t realised I’d relied on that so heavily for my mental health.'” This article is important. More and more, I’m beginning to believe that one of the reasons I’ve been struggling with depression in recent years is because I moved out of the city and now spend 90% of my time alone. It kind of sucks.

The prestige trap. [Wes de Silverstro] — “Prestige is a measure of how much status a group assigns to something. From this definition, a lot of interesting qualities of prestige can be discerned. Since prestige depends upon what the group thinks, then it follows that it is not a fixed nor immutable quality. Groups of people differ everywhere, so what is prestigious in one place is not necessarily prestigious in another.” This article is slow to get going but makes an excellent point.

How to cope with financial infidelity. [The Scope of Practice] — “If you or a friend have a spouse that has committed a serious act of financial infidelity, it can be hard to describe the depth of betrayal that you feel…It’s important to address all three of those areas in order to minimize the risk of financial infidelity in your relationship. But, how do you deal with financial infidelity if it has already taken place?”

Last but not least, here’s yet another Dolly Parton video. You know that I think Parton is a national treasure, and this GQ segment in which she directly answers fan questions on social media is a good example why I subscribe to that view. She’s wonderful.

That’s it for day one. I’ll be back tomorrow with yet more money stories that I hope you’ll find useful and informative. See you then!