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For A Dollar and A Dream

You may have heard that the Powerball is up to an estimated 1.9 billion dollars – that’s a lot of dollars!

I have to admit that I (Jim) chipped in a few bucks with some friends last Saturday just for the fun of it. Didn’t win. šŸ™‚

For A Dollar and A Dream: State Lotteries in Modern America [Next Big Idea Club] – “Lotteries are popular in large part because the traditional economy does not provide enough opportunity to get ahead. In the late twentieth century, as lotteries spread across the country and became a weekly purchase for millions of households, rates of upward mobility stagnated. High-paying manufacturing jobs disappeared and high-growth industries became increasingly concentrated in certain parts of the country. Many Americans found themselves shut out of the American Dream and the opportunity for financial stability.”

Go to the Local Farmers Market on Vacation [Eater] – “Because my favorite type of vacation is a lengthy road trip through the mountains, I tend to eat a lot of terrible gas station food when I travel. Sometimes I plan a trip to a grocery store beforehand, stocking up on trail mix and sandwich supplies to eat while traipsing through a national park, but more often than not, Iā€™m living on beef jerky and chips. That was, of course, until I made it a priority to hit the farmers market in every city that I visit.”

The Opposite of Schadenfreude [Prime Cuts Newsletter] – “Savor the joy of others. It is abundant and free and it will lift your spirits and boost your wellbeing even as you add positive energy to the world.” Mudita. I love it.