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Finally! A stock-market crash!

Welcome to Wednesday, money nerds. This is Apex Money, where Jim and I scour the web to find the most interesting stories about money (and more). Here are a few of the pieces I’ve liked lately…

Finally! A stock market crash! [Mr. Money Mustache] — “If you really understand [stock-market crashes] and really feel excited about them, you can drop the fear and stress out of your investing life, which means you will live a life that is both wealthier, and more fun. So let’s cover each point properly, so you can be excited about all this as I am.”

How to sell your inherited coin collection. [Budgets Are Sexy] — “Once you know what you have in the collection, it’s then about finding the best ways to hawk them! Which can be done using any of the methods listed below, or in combination of the good ol’ fashion way of listing them methodically online.” (Confession: I’m sharing this more for myself than for you. I’ve inherited a coin collection from my cousin, and I need to figure out how to sell it.)

Cash and therapy reduce criminal behavior. [Vox] — “A month after the intervention, both the therapy group and the therapy-plus-cash group were showing positive results. A year after the intervention, the positive effects on those who got therapy alone had faded a bit, but those who got therapy plus cash were still showing huge impacts: crime and violence were down about 50 percent. But Blattman didn’t dare to hope that this impact would persist.”

And that’s all I have for you today. Come back tomorrow for more great links, won’t you?