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How credit scores run (and ruin) our lives.

Good morning, friends! Great to see you here once more. Here’s a look at the money stories I’ve collected for you today.

How to ace the most common interview questions. [Fast Company] — “As the Great Resignation, Reshuffle, Rehire, cycle heads into a new phase, here are the top 15 behavioral interview questions you should be prepared to answer in upcoming job interviews.”

The future of you: How to not regret your career in ten years. [Young Money] — “This framework is career-agnostic. Figure out what interests you, find people pursuing that path who appear both satisfied and successful, and see how they did it. No two paths are identical. But you can derive lessons from others and inject your own flair.”

How credit scores run (and ruin) our lives. [The Walrus] — “This score is like your financial first impression. A poor first impression doesn’t just jeopardize your ability to borrow money or make purchases; it can also limit where you can live and what kinds of job you can get: credit checks on prospective tenants and employees are increasingly the norm.”

To wrap things up today, here’s a great story about a social-media platform I hate: TikTok. I feel like I’m just too old to get it. To me, TikTok epitomizes everything that is wrong with the internet and society today. (I’m serious about this.)

Anyhow, this 23-minute video from Vox and The Pudding is fascinating: We tracked what happens after TikTok songs go viral.

I may not like TokTok, but I this investigation is interesting. Very interesting. I watched the whole thing and felt like I wanted to share it with you. So I am.