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Experiencing White Homelessness as a Black Person in a White Town

Welcome to another week of Apex! It’s Jim back at the helm and today’s headline article is actually a podcast where Michelle discusses poverty. It’s insightful because it shares a perspective that isn’t often shared.

I don’t want to give too much away but it’s 100% worth listening (and reading the show notes) because often times what you experience and see don’t tell you the complete picture.

It can also, at times, tell you the wrong story too.

Experiencing White Homelessness as a Black Person in a White Town [Michelle is Money Hungry] – “They were noticing something that I’ve lived with for quite a long time and I think that there is some insight into the issue of poverty, policy and what I’ve learned and observed as a Black woman experiencing white poverty in a primarily white city. This insight I think will also show you why I think Americans are completely unserious about tackling poverty, because of how I see people reacting to the white poverty in my town.”

The $18k Roof Repair | The Importance of Financial Reserves [The Darwinian Doctor] – “After consideration of the above factors, we decided to go ahead with the full replacement of the roof on both the duplex and the garage, plus removal of the chimneys. The cost breakdown for all this was $17k, but it turned out to be $18k due to additional materials needed during the repair.” Emergency funds, especially if you own rentals, is critical!

The Enduring Allure of Choose Your Own Adventure Books [New Yorker] – “You were a girl who wanted to choose your own adventures. Which is to say, you were a girl who never had adventures. You always followed the rules. But, when you ate an entire sleeve of graham crackers and sank into the couch with a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you got to imagine that you were getting into trouble in outer space, or in the future, or under the sea. You got to make choices every few pages: Do you ask the ghost about her intentions, or run away? Do you rebel against the alien overlords, or blindly obey them?” I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books!