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Spending without regrets.

What the what? I just checked behind the scenes at Apex, and I see that this post — which was scheduled for Tuesday — never “went live”. Not sure what the problem was. No matter. I’m scheduling it for Saturday instead. Here you go, friends…
Hey, money nerds. It’s J.D. again. As always, I’ve collected some intersting articles to share with you. If you have interesting articles to share with me, drop me a line!

Spending without regrets. [Of Dollars and Data] — “It’s not the person with a $500k net worth that regrets spending $25 on two cocktails, it’s the person with no retirement savings that does. With that being said, if your financial house is in order and you still find it hard to spend money without regret, below are some techniques to consider.”

Some interesting stats about vehicle prices. [TKer by Sam Ro] — “Like most industries, automakers have been plagued by supply chain issues. Unique issues in the rental car market have exacerbated shortages in the market for used vehicles. As a result, vehicle price inflation has been hot.”

How to establish financial priorities. [Wallet Hacks] — “There’s only so much time in the day and if you aren’t careful, it’s easy to spend too much time on things that seem urgent and important but are neither. This is especially problematic when it comes to your money because there are a lot of things that demand your attention, and often your guilt, but they usually don’t move the needle.”

Today’s cool video isn’t a video at all. It’s a website. But wow, what a website! Weather Spark offers detailed weather and climate info for nearly 150,000 locations worldwide. If you’re a weather nerd like me, you’ll love this site (despite all of the many ads).

Okay, tomorrow the team from the Plutus Foundation will be here with their Wednesday update. I’ll be back on Thursday with more finds of my own. See you then!