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Happy Monday!

Did you travel to see the eclipse? Jim here – we did and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint! 🙂

Here are a few posts (sorry, none are eclipse-related) that I found interesting last week:

How to stay calm in a bear market [Rad Reads] – “Now I have the unsexiest investing strategy ever. I’ve been dollar-cost-averaging the S&P 500 since 1994, when I was 16 years old. NGL, it’s single-handedly made us rich. It’s been a remarkable strategy that has enabled a life of quasi-financial freedom.” Me too!

The History of Luxury in 50 Objects, From Cleopatra’s Barge to Louis Vuitton Trunks [Robb Report] – “History’s first superyacht owner was Ptolemy IV, who ruled Egypt from 221 to 205 B.C.E. Among his royal fleet was a 300-foot catamaran that towered 60 feet above the Nile, propelled by thousands of enslaved men. But it was his descendant Cleopatra, reigning nearly two centuries later, who has captured the imaginations of poets, playwrights, and Hollywood producers. Cleopatra’s barge was the first nautical fashion statement, a blazing vessel that included silver oars, colorful sails, and a gold-encrusted hull.” Wow.

10 Life-Changing Lessons from Atomic Habits (Book Summary) by James Clear [Untap Me] – “Atomic Habits by James Clear is the holy grail when it comes to guides on habit and behavior change. In this book, he provides a highly effective, practical, and step-by-step framework to embrace new good habits and break free from bad ones. This framework is based on the best techniques from behavioral science and the book is filled with tons of examples backing it up. A must-read if you’re looking to upgrade yourself and move towards becoming the best version of yourself. In this post, we will take a look at 10 key lessons from the book.”