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Beware of the bubble.

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to Pirate Money!

Wait. That’s a different site. This site is Apex Money, where we bring you the best from the world of personal finance — and beyond. Here are some recent money articles I’ve enjoyed…

Top tips for those seeking an early retirement. [Making Sense of Cents] — “The people I’ve asked to share their early retirement tips are bloggers, authors, and business owners who have been working towards financial independence and/or early retirement. These people are experts on finding ways to make more money and save money…One of the biggest things you’ll learn from these experts is that reaching FIRE is about changing your mindset.”

The omnipresence of work. [More to That] — ” The home is no longer an environmental cue to put work aside. It is a place that constantly reminds you that there is always more work to be done. We are now living amidst the omnipresence of work. Even if we aren’t sitting down working, we are prone to continue thinking about it since the physical environment no longer reminds us to shift our mind state.”

Beware of the bubble. [Mr. Money Mustache] — “There are currently a series of giant, stupid bubbles forming in the financial world that nobody except the elders seems to be brave enough to question. And it leads to the following cycle of natural human behaviors, which everybody falls into – except, if we are lucky, those of us who have seen it all before.”

Today’s video feature cracks me up. It’s a Soviet-era adaptation of the first third of The Lord of the Rings. It’s split into two hour-long episodes: episode one and episode two.

I couldn’t sit through the whole thing — not even close! — but I had a lot of fun after I tured on the closed captions and switched them to English translation. I jumped around from scene to scene, laughing at…well, everything about this.

(If you don’t want to sit through any of the video, The Verge has text/photo recap of this madness.)