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Building wealth in your fifties.

Howdy, friends, and welcome to Friday.

Yesterday, I got to see my mother for the first time in over a year. Mom is only 72 but suffers from dementia and is unable to care for herself. She’s been in an assisted living facility for the past decade. We haven’t been able to visit her for more than a year because of COVID. Yesterday, we got to spend some time with her.

Mom’s dementia has turned her into…well, I don’t know how to explain it without sounding rude. (Which isn’t what I mean to be.) She’s not fully human anymore. This saddened me at one time, but I’ve had 10+ years to adjust to it. But visiting her makes me think about aging and how that relates to personal finance.

My pal Cameron Huddleston is doing the best work today on how to help aging parents with their money. But here are some recent articles that cover similar topics…

The four pillars of retirement. [My Money Blog] — “Imagine each pillar as one of the legs of a square table. We have to maintain and shore up any cracks before it gets serious. If you are lacking in any one of these pillars, your retirement gets wobbly. If any two are crumbling, that’s enough to make the entire thing tip over.”

How to build wealth in your fifties. [Banker on Fire] — “For some reason, wealth-building strategies for middle-aged folks don’t seem to get a lot of airtime in the personal finance space. What gives? If anything, building wealth becomes more important as we move into our 40s and 50s, not less.”

Do we become better investors as we age? [The Evidence-Based Investor] — “There’s an old adage that with age comes wisdom. But do we tend to become better investors as we age? Unfortunately, research has found that, in general, the answer is no, older investors are no better than younger investors, although it’s not all one-sided.”

To close things out for the week, I’ve saved the best for last. Here are a collection of 98 videos documenting the rules of sports in clear, easy-to-understand visuals.

The rules of formula one racing — explained! The rules of roller derby — explained! The rules of bull riding — explained! The rules of cricket — explained! The rules of quidditch — explained!

More common U.S. sports are explained too, obviously. But these are the five videos that most interested me.

Anyhow, that’s it for this Friday. It’s been a pleasure serving you here at Apex Money this week. I hope you’ll join us again on Monday for another round of great money stories from across the web. See you then!