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Be unconventional

One of the ironies of growing up is that when you’re young, you’re supposed to fit in.

As you get older, to succeed, you need to stand out. That and so many other “unwritten” rules are not taught to our young people and so many miss out.

10 Unconventional Money Rules to Live a Richer Life [Side Hustle Nation] – “In this episode, we’re looking at 10 “unconventional” money rules. These are suggestions that hopefully spark some introspection and conversation. Because the “conventional” wisdom clearly isn’t working for a whole lot of people!” Nick is joined by Rich Jones, who runs Paychecks and Balances, to talk about unwritten money rules.

‘Rule of 6’ – 6 steps to save more money this Autumn [The Twenty Percent] – “The government has doubled down on its ‘rule of 6’ approach to social distancing. As this phrase looks set to dominate this Autumn, I decided to apply it to your finances too. This post will detail my ‘rule of 6’ – 6 easy to follow rules to help you save more money this Autumn.”

Remember the golden rule – “don’t be a jerk.”

It doesn’t pay to be a jerk at work, research finds [CNN] – “When we’re young and preparing to enter the workforce, we’re trained to set aside our innocent, wide-eyed hope for the tough skills needed in a dog-eat-dog world. Sure, being assertive and developing a thick skin may serve you well, but adopting a mindset where you’re just out for yourself, it turns out, might be good for nothing.”

Be nice today! 🙂