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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Are You Selling Yourself Short? I Think I Am. [Millennial Money] – “It’s easy to hide in your life. I see this over and over. Someone reaches out to me and says they feel stuck. I write back and let them know that they need to trust their intuition—that if they feel stuck, then they probably are. That they’re probably overthinking things. That they have an irrational level of fear.”

Everybody is Having Hilarious Fun and You’re Not [Justin Paterno] – “This feels like something different is happening. The same light bulb that went off with me, went off with Fiskantes, and I’ve seen go off with nearly everyone who finds their first good NFT project and community. It’s new and fun and weird. The genuine delight of owning a part of internet culture you help create, where the memes can make you money, where communities can build both off and on-chain monetizable digital franchises/IP, and where you grow to not want to sell these weird digital things you bought with magic internet money.”

Huge List of Awesome Retirement Activities [ESI Money] – “After extensive reading, talking to retirees (in person), interviewing retirees, and living in retirement myself, I have created five categories that I believe make up the best retirement life for most people.” Senior rodeo is on this list!

FYI, T-Mobile had a data breach.

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