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I-Bonds vs. TIPS

This first post is your day’s big financial piece followed by a very actionable one and then two fun links. Enjoy!

I Bonds vs. TIPS: Which is Better? [Can I Retire Yet?] – “Recently I revisited the topic of I Bonds vs. TIPS, and then decided to change our strategy moving forward. It’s worth taking the time to understand the role of I Bonds and TIPS in a portfolio, the differences between them, and which better suits your investment needs.”

The 5 Easiest Money-Saving Phone Calls [The College Investor] – “Some tasks to save money take a lot of time and effort. And, as such, they can end up on your to-do list for a very long time. But there are other things you can do to save money that only take a short phone call. And when I say short, I mean usually 15 minutes or less.” This is a great list!

I love a good puzzle but this one is unreal:

A mystery cube, a secret identity, and a puzzle solved after 15 years [Wired] – “In 2005, an alternate reality game asked players to find a man named Satoshi based just on a photograph. Fifteen years later, the mystery was solved.”

How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies And TV Shows [Movies Insider] – This is so cool!