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Are you prepared for a prosperous 2022?

Hello, Apexians, and welcome to Friday. No fancy lead-in today. Let’s just dive into our links.

Is college worth it? A comprehensive return-on-investment analysis. [The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity] — “Most students attend college in order to get a better job with a higher salary. But the financial returns to college vary widely depending on the institution a student attends and the subject he or she studies. While prospective students often ask themselves whether college is worth it, the more important question is how they can make college worth it.”

Are you prepared for a prosperous 2022? [Women Who Money] — “A financial plan can provide a road map for the upcoming year and help you stay on track. Somewhere between the eggnog and the bubbly, carve out some time to establish your financial goals and strategy for 2022. To make your money goals a reality, an actionable plan is ideal. After all, planning without action won’t yield results.”

The many worlds of enough. [More to That] — “The world of Enough you occupy today is completely foreign to the one you occupied a decade ago, as it should be. But how did you arrive here? Was your trend primarily sculpted through external events like lifestyle shifts, pay changes, and new environments? How much course correction have you done after conducting an honest audit of your ambitions? Have you done this at all?” [This is a great article.]

There’s more to investing than just risk and return. [Morningstar] — “The more I know, the more I can’t be bothered with the arcane, the volatile, the hard to understand. Instead, I crave simplicity, peace of mind, and the ability to be asleep at the switch and know that things will be OK. I also put a big premium on my time. If an investment requires frequent monitoring, I’m out.”

The great organic food fraud. [The New Yorker] — “A farm’s organic certification is good for a year. It doesn’t get used up by sales. If a farmer has only a dozen organic apple trees, but agrees to sell you a million organic apples, you’re unlikely to learn that you have a problem merely by looking at the orchard’s certification.”

I’m afraid that’s all I have for you today. No fun video or anything! Jim will be back to take you into Christmas, then I’ll see you again in ten days to guide you into 2022. See you then!