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What happened to 2021’s biggest thrill-rides for investors?

I love a good thrill ride.

Actually I don’t, much like my investing, I prefer my rides to be entertaining and not terribly “thrilling.” I’m more of a Peter Pan rider than a Space Mountain guy (though, Space Mountain is tame enough for me).

But I do enjoy watching people go on rides! Which is exactly what I did when it came to meme stonks, crypto, etc:

What happened to 2021’s biggest thrill-rides for investors? [Monevator] – “The headlines typically only report rags-to-riches tales or train wrecks. But how are things going if you only jumped aboard some of 2021’s biggest investing thrill rides when they were hot?

And you forgot to get off? Forget ‘follow the money’, let’s follow the emojis! 🚀🚀🚀”

I was surprised at the continued strength of some of those investments.

How to Protect Against Inflation [Banker on Wheels] – “To reduce the impact of high unexpected inflation on your portfolio returns you may consider Inflation-linked Bond ETFs, investing in physical Real Estate, or Equities with business models having the ability to pass on costs. Choosing a Government Bond ETF with low duration can also mitigate impact.”

The lost neighborhood under New York’s Central Park [Vox] – The story the building of Central Park in New York City and of Seneca Village, one of the casualties of the park. Very good.