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A grab bag of articles I found interesting

As I read things on the internet, I file them into a folder to share with you guys on Apex.

Sometimes I reach into the bag and see a nice little grouping that fit into a theme. Then I usually throw a “fun” article that involves some heist or gambling or hack or whatever because those are like a piece of candy to me (I hope you like those too!).

Today, there is no theme other than I found all of these articles fascinating in their own little way.

The Million-Dollar Price Tag Of Being A Stay-At-Home Parent [Costa Rica FIRE] – “Being in Human Resources and having grown up in New York City, a progressive and PC place, I instinctually wrote this entire post to be gender-neutral (i.e., working parent in lieu of working mom). But generally, in dual-career households, the question/ burden/ dilemma of “should I stay at home or continue to work?” mostly falls on the mom. With two adult daughters, do I try to influence my daughters to make the same choice I did?”

The Man Who Thought Too Fast [The New Yorker] – “Frank Ramsey—a philosopher, economist, and mathematician—was one of the greatest minds of the last century. Have we caught up with him yet?” One of the hallmarks of smart people is how quickly they recognize people who are smarter than them.

How Airlines Use Rewards Cards to Drive Growth [Privacy] – “For decades, airlines have leaned on rewards cards for their steady revenue stream—particularly during industry contractions. In fact, the billions in revenue generated by U.S. airline rewards cards and loyalty programs can, at times, outpace overall sales growth. And that cash definitely comes in handy as airlines plan for a ‘dire scenario.'”

OK here is your gambling article!

The Fascinating Origins of Greyhound Racing [The Paris Review] – “Coursing was a brutal forerunner of the modern greyhound race. A live hare would be given a head start, and two greyhounds would be set loose to chase it. Whoever tracked down the rabbit won the race. The sport was not for everyone. When the dog caught the hare, one spectator said, “It really sounds quite a bit like a child’s scream” Some say Smith, at the Hot Springs meet, was shocked by the sound. Others say that he was unbothered, but shrewdly identified the shrieks as hindering the sport’s popularity.”

Even without the shrieking of rabbits, this isn’t for me.

Have a good weekend. 🙂